IFW 0_1 – Robi vs Andrea

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It was the first Sunday of October. It was a very warm day, I went to the gym and there were 3 girls waiting for me: Andrea, Ninfea, Samantha.
It was my first match. I knew I should have fought but I did not know whom. I would have discovered that only a few seconds before starting. I wasn’t worried, in the end winning was not a priority, but I was excited by the physical confrontation with another girl.
While two people were putting together the mats I was doing my make up as if I had to go out at night and I could see the threatening glances of the other girls. There was a strange tension building up in the air.
I asked Andrea to borrow her mascara, she smiled back to me and said “next time bring yours”. I still don’t know whether she was joking or not…
Suddendly I heard a voice: “Robi, Andrea, on the mats! You start!”.
My legs started to shake and then the whole body. I couldn’t really wrestle, I had taken only a few classes before then and I still had a vague idea, I barely knew how to put a scissor, I did not know how to properly pin my opponent down. My first concern was not to hurt myself. But then the adrenaline went up and my goal was clear: to be better than Andrea!
The ref voice again “Fight!”
And I needed to take her down, I wanted to make clear that it was me leading the match, I tried to pin her several times and to scissor her (all what I knew about wrestling). I am sure I would have never given up to her, I could not give her the satisfaction to be forced to bring my mascara for her next time.
I was tired, sweaty, it was a real challenge of strength and stamina, I have never felt all that all together.
During the match I kept telling me “you can do it, keep on like that, you can do better!”
I won’t tell you how it ended, but I immediately wanted to do it again and again! It was not over for sure!
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