Marco is not exactly fit or the best wrestler around, he is slow and not very skilled. But he wants to try and wrestle one of the strongest female wrestlers around: Robi.
This pins and submission match is not going to be easy for him, even if he uses his weight (and he has some) to pin Robi and count her time to time.
She uses her agility to trap him in her terrific head, neck and body scissors and soon he must tap. He also acknowledges her superior capabilities during the match.
There are quite a lot of submissions by Robi and she dominates throughout the match.
If you are into watching the sexy, long, slender, strong legs of a beautiful girl scissoring an helpless man several times in a one sided bout, this is your video!
Victory pose (foot on chest, foot on face) in the end.



One thought to “SFD062 – ROBI VS MARCO”

  1. Carissima Robi,
    sto cercando di scrivere un romanzo ambientato nel mondo del ixed wrestling…. Posso farti qualche domanda?

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