Finally, I’m back!

Hi everyone! Finally, I’m back!

First of all I apologize for my absence these days but I promise I will reply to all your messages as soon as possible.

I’m really sorry also that i had to refuse some sessions but i’ll be definitely back in april/may 2018!

I will contact you as soon as i will be available again! There will be loads of news these week so, stay tuned and keep checking my site!

See you soon,



Both the contenders are very well equipped for a smother challenge! Any hold can be used in this match as long it’s accompanied with a smother. There are a lot of schoolgirls pins breast smother combo, facesitting smothers, scissors and else. In spite of Stella’s terrific breast smothers, Robi wins many more submissions with her agility, skills and better stamina. Stella gets often facesat and air deprived during the count to 5. In the end Robi poses on her and then sits on her flexing her bicpeps to show who’s the boss!


SFD052 – The girls start with a quick staredown and the fight erupts in all its violence. Immediately they exchange terrific series of punches and slaps to the face, opening bloody wounds. Then they wildly bite each other, drive each other’s head into the floor with a blood freezing skull-crushing sound.
Hooks to the jaw and face add blood to blood. Hair are savagely pulled, only to help delivering violent knees to the belly. 5 minutes into the video Sabrina is a bloody mess on the mats, writhing in pain.
More pain, wounds, blood, hits, punches, kicks, bites, scratches… will follow, with closeups to better show how hard the blows are. When Robi decide to dig with her claws into Sabrina’s open bleeding wounds, well, it looks scary.

There is still room for Sabrina’s payback, of the same kind, adding some knee blows to an already kneeling Robi’s head and face! There is also a long two handed, bloody-strangling scene, a must for the fans of the genre. The girls take all the punishment, often crying in pain, screaming and moaning in a very realistic way. Robi ends the match with a rear naked choke hold making Sabrina bleed from her mouth, slowly, almost sending her to dreamland. Of course all the blood and wounds are fake and no model was harmed during the shooting.


SFD022 – After a couple of minutes interview, Robi and Andrea lock fingers and start an hard, violent, bloody fight where the main goal is to inflict as much pain and agony as possible to the opponent. This includes scissoring, strangling, slapping, belly punching… back breaking holds, hairpulling, leg spreading: anything goes! When Andrea loses her temper, she punches Robi in the face causing her to bleed and then repeatedly bites her! From now on, it’s violence and bloodshed in a crescendo of low blows, chokes, clawing, heads smashed into the floor until the studio is totally messed up with the girls blood. Robi even uses a chair to hit Andrea in the head and then kicks her when she is down. No one will be able to stand in the end. Skip this video if you are a susceptible person.

Ambra victim??!

Robi is a bully and Ambra her smaller and younger favorite victim. After training and taking self defense classes, Ambra is back for her revenge! Robi is caught by surprise and dominated by a cruel and unstoppable Ambra who has great fun teasing and taunting her while inflicting pain via several wrestling holds. Robi is kicked, punched, put in boston crabs, strangles, sleeper holds, scissors… she is repeatedly belly punched by a relentless Ambra enjoying her vendetta until a final KO leaving Robi completely helpless under Ambra’s foot in a proud victory pose.

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Andrea takes the heaviest beating of her life from Robi. She scissors her, chokes her, applies painful backbreaker and bow and arrow holds, repeatidly punches and knees her in the belly, even KOes the poor helpless Andrea and then wakes her up for additional punishment! It’s a one sided bout where Robi ruthlessly drags her around by her hair as the final utmost humiliation.


Do you like strength challenges? So these are the videos for you!

SFD004 – Two colleagues in business attire have an argument to settle and they decide to do it testing their strength. This video is part of a series where the focus is on details like the killer looks they throw at each other, the very slow movements with which they do everything, allowing the viewer to catch the smallest detail, but also the unusual setting, the atmosphere and of course the endless sequence of tests of strength to determine who is the better woman. Of course Robi and Andrea deliver a fantastic performance, once again. A must for the fans of the genre!

SFD008 – Stella, Victoria, Robi, Andrea, Ambra take part in a huge Tests of strength tournament. They challenge each other in various tests of strength contests like fingers interlocked, shoulder vs shoulder, tits battle, arm wrestling… perfect video for you fans of muscular confrontation between sexy girls!

SFD011 – Lara and Robi are doing pushups, comparing their bodies and muscles. Soon a challenge is thrown and a series of tests of strength will be used to decide who is the stonger of the two! Fingerlocks tests of strength, forehead to forehead… breasts pushed against each other, shoulder to shoulder. Then Lara and Robi start a sexy battle on the mats, trying to pin each other and keep the opponent down, belly pushed on the other’s belly to prove their superior strength! Scissors, schoolgirl pins, chokes, excruciating strangle holds, breast smothers and bearhugs… even hairpulling! two sexy perfect bodies fighting until the last drop of energy.

SFD050 – Robi and Angelica are colleagues. They meet in the countryside, because they have a work-related argument to settle.
They are dressed in everyday casual clothes and after a long staredown, circling each other, they decide it’s time for tests of strength challenge and very slowly, never losing eye contact, they raise their arms and interlock their fingers for a mercy fight!
You can read the effort and the determination in their eyes, each trying to overpower the opponent and make her go down on her knees. After that, they will try a very unuasual “finger wrestling”, then move to a slow and intense double hairpulling endurance challenge, and even a double strangle challenge will follow.
The two girls keep their clothes on for the whole video, which doesn’t make they look less sexy than usual. Their experessions show how both of them are determined to win while the intensity, the slow movements and the eye contact are the main features of this video.



Marco is not exactly fit or the best wrestler around, he is slow and not very skilled. But he wants to try and wrestle one of the strongest female wrestlers around: Robi.
This pins and submission match is not going to be easy for him, even if he uses his weight (and he has some) to pin Robi and count her time to time.
She uses her agility to trap him in her terrific head, neck and body scissors and soon he must tap. He also acknowledges her superior capabilities during the match.
There are quite a lot of submissions by Robi and she dominates throughout the match.
If you are into watching the sexy, long, slender, strong legs of a beautiful girl scissoring an helpless man several times in a one sided bout, this is your video!
Victory pose (foot on chest, foot on face) in the end.




sfd003robivsambrastory Ambra catches Robi on her phone and it ends up in a fight. Ambra’s rage results in scissors, sleeper holds, chokes… but after some time tables are turned and she is overpowered by Robi’s strength and the taller girl even humiliates her opponent keeping her down under her foot while stripping to her bra and panties! Ambra’s reaction is of an unexpected strength and it’s made of scissors, chokes, knees to the belly… and Robi ends up KOed several times, until she passes out. Ambra finally poses sitting on her in triumph.